Romancing the Sun: dating and find love or the sun goes out. Feel life where the world seems close and intense, a bad date can feel like the end of the world and might be.

Step in our main character’s head and (his\her\their) shoes as they make friends, meet people…

Cover letters are easy. They are brief introductions to what you do and are good at. They can leave an impression but a lot of times, it is just text in the email and it might be skipped for your actual work sample.

Writers get a lot of practice with…

Joe Biden does not appeal to people. Joe Biden will lose because the soft brains in the DNC would rather lose than run Sanders.

The only thing that the DNC doesn’t like about Trump is that he is a filthy mean man. They don’t care about policy.

There are a…

Ray Richards

I write Fiction, about fiction and story craft, politics, and letters that I have sent to my politicians. Feel free to write your representatives.

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