A partner and I have formed Sweet Potato Games and starting making a Visual Novel called Romancing the sun. A dating sim where you find love or the sun goes out. In the tentative place between high school and life where the world seems close and intense, a bad date can feel like the end of the world and might be.

(A visual novel is a game that uses interactive pictures and text to tell a story. Often defined by choices the readers make and multiple endings but not necessarily.)


Devlogs collected here:
-Everything is a Skill
-My Uglier Character Models

Romancing the Sun: dating and find love or the sun goes out. Feel life where the world seems close and intense, a bad date can feel like the end of the world and might be.

Step in our main character’s head and (his\her\their) shoes as they make friends, meet people, go to parties, and date!


The first Date Update is the introduction to chapter 2.

There are two story paths to explore as well as alternate dialogue options. Two routes means there are two endings, other than the game over.

*this kiss does not…

Could your game be improved by a tip jar? Could your game be improved by microtransactions? There is a game jam that was made specifically to have people use and implicate their tip jar and it is just a bee in my bonnet.

I am concerned with getting paid for the work I do and the things I make but the ethnicity of how that money is made is also my concern. Direct payment for a game is the clearest cut. I get money, itch gets a cut, the bank gets fees, and a player gets the game. The same…

Romancing the Sun is not an Adult Visual Novel. Well, the subject matter is mature to coming of age level but there isn’t nudity in the game and none is planned. I thought of this problem in planning and design of the game but I have no evidence.

I use the Daz 3d to make the character models and images for the game. There are a lot of games that use Daz, which I like and have enjoyed, and part of making a game is hopefully getting to know some other game devs. …

Cover letters are easy. They are brief introductions to what you do and are good at. They can leave an impression but a lot of times, it is just text in the email and it might be skipped for your actual work sample.

Writers get a lot of practice with cover letters but it might be daunting for voice actors but it isn’t terribly important in itself.

Make it short, to the point. Being memorable is a plus but it is more likely than not that your cover letter will just be used for reference. …

Joe Biden has never made 400k a year. A crooked Eastcoast alderman makes more money than Joe Biden. Yet, Joe still shills for insurance companies and banks as if he was a millionaire. Joe doesn’t sellout. Joe has let America go to the highest bidder for the love of the game.

Joe Bidden will raise taxes on people making 400k a year, kinda. There are articles that talk about how the proposed taxes will actually be easier on the super-wealthy, which is the most expected thing I’ve ever heard.

In response to this, there is a whole genre of people…

Cedar Rapids Iowa was hit by winds faster than a hundred miles an hour and completely interrupted life for everyone. Crisis like the corona virus and this power blackout do not form faults in our society but make the faults that we already knew about worse. But before we get into how that affects people and who am I to talk about it. Let’s talk about privilege.

Privilege or luck. So often privilege is used as a conversation ended. But let’s have a conversation about privilege. Privilege is the state of not being minoritized. Aph ko describes minoritization like a…

Gov. Kim Reynolds

State Capitol

1007 E. Grand Ave.

Des Moines, IA 50319

Telephone: 515–281–5211

Dear Governor Kim Reynolds,

I am concerned with the financial situation of thousands of Iowans who cannot make money outside of social distances nor work remotely from home. To help everyone through this recession and pandemic, I want you to suspend all bills.

There is a lot of effort to help millionaire companies and inflate the stock market but there is no help or message for the common person. Thousands of people work in the service industries or in factories that cannot work from home…

Joe Biden does not appeal to people. Joe Biden will lose because the soft brains in the DNC would rather lose than run Sanders.

The only thing that the DNC doesn’t like about Trump is that he is a filthy mean man. They don’t care about policy.

There are a few reductionists that read every complaint about the actions of Republicans as “Orange man bad” which I wrote off as people just not reading. But they have a point when it comes to the DNC.

People see that the DNC has repped a lot the terrible things Trump is doing…

Someone made a curious post that said: “Be afraid if you have sons because ANY woman can LIE and RUIN their lives.” They are essentially saying that lying is worse than rape. Which is fucked up. The rationale is that it “ruins men’s lives.” Which assumes that women either cannot rape or that men always want sex, which is a problematic thought derived from toxic masculinity.

They are overlooking that when women come forward, it ruins their lives. Bill Clinton had consensual sexual contact and people still blame Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. And do her fault, so does Hillary…

Ray Richards

I write Fiction, about fiction and story craft, politics, and letters that I have sent to my politicians. Feel free to write your representatives.

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